13 March 2009

Where I work

This was my first week of three days in the Lahash office. (I had been working two days per week up to this point, but two days wasn't enough time to do all my work and raise support.)

Since I'm now here Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday, I thought I'd give you an idea of what my work space looks like.

The shelf above my desk holds all my records, thank you notes, my sponsorship binders, and all that good stuff. I covered cardboard magazine holders with collaged magazine cutouts to give some color and help me remember what is in each container. My real inspiration is the corkboard backdrop of my desk.

1. Amazing Grace kids getting "Back to Business" which reminds me to do the same!
2. Baby Sarah, my favorite little baby from Charlotte Babies' Home
3. Note card I received this week from my friend Jaclyn with some encouraging words
4. My To-Do List for February and March (notice not many check marks?)
5. Thank you note from one of my sponsors for sending a photo of her sponsored girl, Amina
6. My assistant's To-Do List for February and March
7. Hope is Alive insert picture of my friend José
8. One of my sponsor families who are amazing and supportive and send me photos
9. Adorable note from little Juan at Nsambya (she had help, she's only three years old)
10. Haribi Joseph, who reminds me to pray for peace in Southern Sudan
11. Drawing of me by Bansuk Victoria
12. The Amazing Grace ladies and Cristine and Lexie and myself
13. St. Andrew's Sewanee Middle School
14. Amazing Grace kids again
15. The future's so bright...
16. Sponsor kids who love their little brother in Uganda so much!
17. Baby Sarah's sister Buba, my little darling

1 comment:

Jaclyn said...

I made it to your corkboard?! What an honor :)

I LOVE seeing your workspace- your corkboard pics and drawings made my heart flutter... so many sweet and familiar faces. Thanks for that little window into your life!