27 August 2009

Nearly a month later...

I've been sitting at my computer ready to update my blog a half dozen times in the past three weeks and almost immediately abort. I have no thoughts. I have no depth. I have no profundity. (I love the word profundity. I don't even know if it's a real word, but I use it a lot.)

Here are the three most frequently asked questions (and answers) in no particular order:
1. Are you packed yet? I have everything assembled, but it's not actually in the suitcases yet. That's tonight/tomorrow's project.

2. Are you stressed out? No. I have a lot on my plate, but it's not all that much more than my regular life. (I think that either says a lot for the prep work I did in advance or the intense stress level of my regular life.)

3. Are you ready to go? I never know how to answer this question because there is so much to it, so the answer is yes, no, ages ago, and I might never be.

I am now one week away from leaving, and this is how my week looks:
Wednesday: lunch with Grandma, work, packing
Thursday: last counseling session, meetings all day, final purchases, packing
Friday: insurance office work, finalizing financial paperwork, hanging out with Annie
Saturday: breakfast with Anna, any final insurance work, prep for party, coffee with Leah
Sunday: sending services at Imago Dei, Going Away Party #2
Monday: mostly empty, coffee with the Armours
Tuesday: final Lahash business and meetings, final meeting with Erin, my accountability partner, sending off at Home Community, slumber party with my HC sisters
Wednesday: airport prayer and final farewell at 9am, board plane at noon, leave

If I'm a good sister, I'll clean the bathroom somewhere in there also.

If you want to jump in on some of my free time, especially on Monday, let me know.