02 May 2013

Hooray! A Personal Project Now Online!

None of us are identified solely by our job, and living in Tanzania provides me with countless opportunities to start or promote or help out a project that is completely unrelated to work, but is a passion, nonetheless.  This is one of those projects.  I do want you all to know that this is all on me...there are no supporting organizations, no donors already committed, and it simply won't happen without your help.

The Leadership Seminar is something I am so passionate about offering for the village pastors I've encountered over the past several years, including the recently deceased Pastor Masatu.  A number of factors, including the time works in Africa, have made the window for fundraising for this event very tight, so if you can help at all, I would greatly appreciate it!

Raising $5,000 should get all 24 pastors to the conference, but if we can get to the threshold of $3,000, it can go forward, although with half the number of pastors.

1.  Click on the photo or go to the FaithFunder website
        2.  Give to the seminar.
               3.  Share this information with others.
                      4. Pray for the event!

Thank you so much, friends and family and strangers.  I greatly appreciate your support!