06 April 2011

Shadrack, my Fiance, and Letters

A few days ago we received word that Shadrack (on left) has died.  Shadrack was an adorable, sweet kid who was part of the program at Tenderfeet Education Center.  He had a brain tumor, and some friends in Texas took the initiative to get him the surgeries he needed.  The brain tumor had caused some developmental difficulties, and Shadrack's friends arranged for him to be admitted to a great private school for kids suffering with disabilities.  He started complaining of headaches again, and was admitted for another surgery, but died before getting to the operating room.  I have had the chance to hang out with Shadrack on a number of occasions over the past five years, and it really saddens me that we've lost him.

Shadrack's second name was Otieno, the same as my fiance, Fred.  They come from the same tribe, actually, which brings me to what's going on for Fred and I right now.  We had hoped to get married at the end of March, but a long, complicated series of events meant that Fred's paperwork was delayed several weeks.  We rescheduled the wedding for April 16th, and Fred has been working on getting his visa.  Today he got to start that process, and, God willing, he'll get the appointment he needs tomorrow.  If that goes well, he'll get his visa Thursday morning and fly out either that evening or Friday.  We're praying a lot, but we also feel so much peace that this is God's hands.  God is watching out for us, no matter what happens.

The whole story of how God brought us together is in the March/April support letter I'm about to send out.  Many of you are on my mailing list, but if you're not, and would like to receive bi-monthly letters, shoot me an email or Facebook message with your address.  I think that somehow I haven't been super clear about how I get money.  I raise support, and I am reliant on donations from people who are interested and invested in my work.  I get paid exactly what people donate to Lahash on my behalf.  These bi-monthly letters are part of the way I help people learn about what God is doing in my life and ministry, and often have much more personal, intimate content than I would feel comfortable putting on my blog.

Speaking of personal, intimate content, I had a wonderful opportunity last night to speak at the healing groups at my church.  Some trauma in my past has been beautifully restored by the grace of God in my life, and I got to share that with some people who are seeking that restoration in their own pain.  It was awesome to hear how my story could encourage others who are suffering.  It made me really grateful for the ways God has been working in my life personally, and using me to show his grace and hope to others.  I hope you get a little hit of that grace in your life today.