19 September 2013

He's nearly clothes-less! Can you help?! (Just kidding...mostly)

This morning Wesley wanted to wear my "running shorts"--really one of two pairs of athletic shorts I've had, literally, since high school volleyball more than ten years ago, which are never ever worn for running anymore.  Yes, he's bare under there, but I'm trying to avoid using the "n" word in a post about my son.

This is my cute/clever? introduction to an appeal!  There's a group coming from Portland to visit us in good ol' East Africa next month, and I'm hoping to get some great hand-me-downs for this little guy.  Ideally, hand-me-downs in an 18-month to 2T range rather than the Adidas women's L he's wearing here.

Actually there are a few items we would really appreciate, if people reading this blog felt inclined toward sending us a little something, especially if you have a garbage bag of little boy clothes sitting in your garage waiting to go to the thrift or resale store.

For Wesley:
- Boys' clothes, especially shirts and shorts, in sizes 18m or 2T
- Shoes, size 7 or 8
For Innocent:
- Shoes, especially athletic shoes, size 14
- Activity books for 2nd grade, especially handwriting and/or math

If you have anything like this, and can get it to the Lahash office by 7 October, that would be fantastic.  You can mail or drop off at 4850 N Vancouver Ave, Portland, OR 97217 or you drop things off at my parents' house: 705 W 1st St, Newberg, OR 97132.

If you do have some things for us, please drop me an email, comment or Facebook post to let me know, because if we aren't able to get donations, we'll have to arrange to purchase some of these items.

Any other nice notes, old DVDs, recommended books, or bags of chocolate chips are, as always, also welcome.  Thank you!