16 June 2009

Horribly neglectful lately

Here are 10 random things that have made me happy lately, in no particular order:

1. Friends helping paint at the Lahash house

2. Kombucha (took some getting used to)

3. Praying for strangers on the Max (don't be deceived into thinking I'm super spiritual...I'm definitely don't pray as much as I should)

4. A mix CD titled "the one in which leisha keeps on keeping on." brought to me "by Karyn, the People Who Support Leisha Adams, and the number 8"

5. Grilled Chicago dog with dijon mustard and relish and a cold Coke in a can

7. Sorting through the awesome ties that belonged to one Mr. Tom Skroski

8. My friend Aaron drawing something in Paint and sending it to me

9. Por Que No fish tacos with good friends (Mandi first, then Nate, Erin, and Dan)

10. Reflecting on the call to worship at Imago Dei from three Sundays ago: "Let the sweet smell of justice linger like a garden-picked bouquet."

03 June 2009

Please help me!

Lahash International is having an epic cleaning event this weekend to begin to prepare a house that has been offered for our use as an office and hospitality house. It's in wretched shape, and needs a lot of help, so we're calling on all of our friends to come help us "muck it out" and clean.

I'm in charge of this specatular event, which means that my entire weekend will consist of wearing a surgical mask and rubber gloves. Won't you come be so stylish alongside me?

The house is at 4850 N Vancouver Ave, Portland, and we'll be starting at 9am on Saturday. Another shift starts at 1pm, or we'll be working again Sunday afternoon starting around 2pm.

Thanks, friends.