06 March 2009

Made it home...

I thought I should let you all know that, after initally getting worse when I dropped my phone into a cup of water and the keypad began to malfunction, my "luck" turned around.

Heather's parents came up to Atlanta to see her off, and they took pity on me. They got a hotel room for Heather and I to share and bought me dinner. When we went to Walmart for Heather's last minute items, they bought me some food for my expected long wait in the airport. They insisted that my parents would do the same for Heather if she were in my position, so they should be looking out for me.

Monday morning Heather and I went to the airport, and I checked with the counter. They couldn't put me on standby until the same day as my flight, and I couldn't go through security until 6 hours prior to my flight. Things were looking bleak, until the lady took pity on me, changed my flight to one that was only five hours away and gave me $20 in airport food vouchers! When I checked my phone to try calling my parents a moment later, it worked! And it's been working perfectly ever since.

I got home to Portland Monday night, and all I can say is that I'm really grateful for the friends who took care of me in my moment of need and to a wonderful God who went before me and arranged things in His own way.

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