22 May 2008

Hey everyone,

Just wanted to drop you all a quick note to let you all know that I’ve arrived! The flights were not delayed, although on the longest leg from Detroit to Amsterdam, there was a baby screaming for the entire last two hours of the flight (thanks for wishing that on me, Annie!). I didn’t get nearly so much sleep on that leg as I had hoped, but the eight hour Amsterdam to Nairobi leg was only half full, so I got an entire row to myself! I arrived in Nairobi at around 7:10pm on Tuesday night. Bealy, Edwin, and Edwin’s fiancée Christine were at the airport to pick me up, and I can’t tell you how good it was to see them all.

I’m staying at the Kenya Bush House, a kind of hostel/home which is very nice. Yesterday Bealy and I just stayed around here and relaxed. There is a French man here called Thierry, and we chatted with him a bit. Edwin and Christine came by yesterday afternoon for a bit after their pre-marital counseling, where Edwin, and consequently Bealy, learned that when the husband thinks that he is the master, really he is the servant to his wife because the one who is first shall be last. Christine had taken notes, though, as Edwin pointed out, not when the pastor was talking about the wife being submitted to her husband, but only during the “sweet” part when the pastor began exhorting the husband to be the servant of his wife.

Last night was the championship game for English soccer between Manchester United and Chelsea, so we watched that match. It was a close battle, going into two rounds of penalty shots before Manchester United pulled out the win, much to the elation of Bealy, Thierry, and two of the men who work here who were watching the match. I have to admit I wussed out after the end of regulation time, but I got all the highlights in detail when the game was over. I’ve been informed that in order to be Bealy’s girl, I must support Man U, not Chelsea or Arsenal, and we don’t even mention Liverpool. (oops!) :)

Today, in addition to a trip to the cyber shop to let you all know that I’m alive and arrived safely, we’re going to Kibera to spend some more time with Edwin and Christine. We’re still sorting out our plans for the next week, but if every day of the next week is like yesterday, I’ll be a happy girl.

Bealy just practiced serving me by bringing me breakfast, so I’m going to end this to eat crepes and drink tea. What a difficult life I lead!


Annie Skroski said...

Note, I did not "wish" upon you a crying baby. Merely, I was supposing what you would do if such an occasion were to occur. Very different.

Frosti said...

Ah, yes, those were the days, when Dad served Mom. Oh, wait. He brought me my shoes today so I could drive him to the river and drop him off to kayak! Enjoy it while it lasts!