19 May 2008

And I'm off!

I'm sitting in the Portland airport, enjoying their free wifi!

I'm off to Africa for two whole months:
  • May 20th - June 4th = "vacation" aka hanging out with my boyfriend, Bealy, and other friends and African family
  • June 5th - June 15th = Team from Vibrant Church comes to work with our partner, Grace Healing Ministry of Dodoma. I'll be working on updates to the Tanzanian sponsorship program. (Adorable, wonderful kids needing sponsors - only $12 per month!)
  • June 15th - approx. June 24th = wrapping up in Dodoma, traveling with Dan, Bealy, and Edwin to Nairobi for a couple of days to meet with our partner there
  • approx. June 24th - July 11th = traveling in Uganda and Sudan to visit the orphanages and update the sponsorship program there, visiting with the Thiesens and Meyers from Imago Dei, and Megan Espinoza from Imago Dei/Horizon Christian. (Adorable, wonderful kids needing sponsors - only $30 per month!)
  • July 11th - July 15th = Bealy and I will take a quick trip to Kigali, Rwanda to visit Pastor Benjamin Nkusi and the Butlers from Imago Dei, then back to Nairobi for me to fly back to the States.
  • July 16th = Arrive in Portland.

They're about to board, and I still have to send an email inviting you all to this blog! Leave me messages or send me emails at ladams at lahash dot net or leishlin at gmail dot com.

Thanks everyone for the wonderful sendoffs. sorry to those of you I couldn't get called back before I left. Love you all, and see some of you soon in Africa!


Ms Graves said...

Leisha! I am very excited about your trip. I am also very interested in how I (and possibly a members of a new service we are starting... we were just talking/burdened for this exact topic last night) can support children/ an orphanage. I thought you might be a good contact. :)

Dan said...

Blessings as you travel Leisha! We'll be praying for you.

Barb said...

Leisha darlin, I'll be praying and eager to hear more and more. Blessings my dear. Love you.

annie skroski said...

I'm still expecting personal emails of the detailed variety. But blog posts are good too. Say hi to Bealy and Piting for me, wear lots of sunscreen, don't eat candy from the packages to the orphans, and be good. You have my prayers, which will be lots since I don't have anything else to do because you're in Africa.

Giancarlo said...

Does it frustrate you a little bit that www.leisha.blogspot.com is taken by some dude named Alex who posted one (1) thing way back in 2004? I mean, come on.

Giancarlo said...
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Frank said...

Leisha, safe travels! I just returned from Sudan a week ago before the rebels came to Khartoum. Stay healthy and keep us all updated! Best from Geneva, FJS

Mandi said...

Leisha, I miss you already! I do hope your travels go smoothly. I'll be thinking and praying for you often. See you in a couple weeks!

Lisa said...

thought I'd point out that you forgot to put South Africa in your itinerary to visit your good friends Chase and Lisa Armour! jk. I know it's not remotely close to where you'll be.
Have a great trip.