24 April 2015

Mama Maisha Partners with Mennonite Central Committee!

Of course I forgot to take any picture at all, but earlier this week Mama Maisha has been hosting Tiffanee Wright, the Health Coordinator for Tanzania Mennonite Central Committee (MCC).  MCC approved a proposal we wrote to supply hygienic delivery kits to Traditional Birth Attendants and delivering mothers.

We're so excited to roll out this project.  The first thing will be doing a training for the Traditional Birth Attendants to teach them the principles of clean hands, clean perineum, clean delivery surface, clean cord cutting instruments, clean cord tying instrument and clean cutting surface, then we'll train them and give them supplies to support women who cannot reach a health facility at the time of delivery.

We will also have funds to put together individual kits for women who may not reach a health facility with skilled care.  Two months ago I wrote about a visit to one of our villages which has no health facility, and we were emptying our pockets to find soap and razor blade and fare for a motorcycle taxi to a TBA.  In the future, it would be so great for us to be able to have a bunch of kits with the TBAs and our MHAs and the nurse we hired to go out to do village prenatal care.

We had a great time in Nyambogo village Wednesday with Tiffanee, and yesterday we signed a Memorandum of Understanding for the project.  We're excited about the opportunity to partner with such a great organization!

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