23 January 2015

Wrapping Up! 10 Days Until Liftoff!

We're nearly on our back to Tanzania, to work and life and home.  This trip has been incredible, but were feeling that the time is right to return to "normality."

If you're hoping to see us before we go, here are a few last chances:

January 24th, 3pm, Lahash House (4850 N Vancouver Ave, Portland)
We will be showing photos and telling stories about our work in Tanzania.

January 26th, 6pm, Lahash House (same as above)
We are joining the Lahash community at their regular Monday night potluck.  Anyone is very welcome to join us.  The theme is Burrito Bowls!  mmm...

January 29th, Last day in Portland
I'm coming into the office for some meetings on Thursday, so it's literally the last chance to lay eyes on me for you Portland-ers!

February 1st, 9am, C3 Church in Lake Oswego
We're possibly going to be doing a short presentation, but at least popping in to be with them in worship.  We have to run out right after, though, so if you want to see us there, make sure we know you'll be there!

February 1st, 10:30am, C3 Church in Newberg
Our last event before leaving, we'll be sharing for about 20 minutes at their service, and are free for lunch after.

Then we're off!  I guess if we have any friends in NYC who want to come have coffee during our layover, we'll be hanging out at the airport from about 5:30am until 8am!

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