02 June 2014

The Terrible...errr...*cough* Terrific! Two-Year-Old

Wesley wearing Adera's shoes, a too-small
Christmas vest as a...scarf?, and a fabric box for a hat.
There are two things about parenting my mom told me that I remind myself of nowadays: the first was that little boys reach an age when they start pushing back on their mothers, like little dogs trying to establish dominance.  I think of it as the little Napoleon stage, as my charming, delightful son suddenly turns on me and begins attacking with fists and feet and fury, often while I'm nursing.  He's never mean to Gretchen or Daddy, just Mama and sometimes faux-mama, Adera.  The second thing my mom said was that there were times she just held my kicking, screaming little brother, rocking and praying.  I've certainly had those moments also.

Perfectly standard for both of them
We've noticed that Tired and Hungry are the things that trigger "The Hulk" so we try to stay on top of those things.  I also read a thing on Pinterest about interpreting what makes a child cry based on their personality type (apparently it's from a book called The Child Whisperer, which I have not read).  According to that theory, Wesley is a "Determined Child" and needs to move fast and have adventures to stay happy.  That makes perfect sense, but is, unfortunately, not the easiest thing for a work-from-home mom with an infant.  I am very reliant on Adera, our house help, especially while Fred is travelling.

Another classy outfit: Shoes, socks, shirt,
stocking cap.  What's missing?
I certainly don't want to sound like I am complaining, because I love all three of my kids dearly.  However, I know I have a lot of friends and readers who are mothers.  Some are mothers of little ones now and other mothers of little ones who have grown up long ago.  There are single mothers, mothers whose husbands travel a lot, mothers living cross-culturally, and mothers who work outside the home.  Although every parent has unique circumstances and challenges, I think we can all agree that this is tough stuff!  If you have any story or advice or tidbit that worked for you, please post it in the comments to encourage me and all the other moms out there!

 P.S.  I'm letting you all see how not-perfect I am as a mother and as a housekeeper.  Please don't look at these photos too closely, or you'll see all the household debris that a professional blogger would have photoshopped out (or cleaned up in advance).

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The poop-out stage of tantrum!  (notice the foot poised mid-kick)


kate said...

Yes, it's hard to have your little shadow suddenly act out against you. HARD STUFF. It's been a tough week for us~ I am glad to hear from others. Makes me not feel alone!

Leisha said...

So it's not just boys, eh? Sorry for you, my fellow missional mom!