14 November 2013

Back at Home, Safe and Sound!

Unfortunately for many of you who count on our blog for updates and information, I find it difficult to sit down and write updates while we're in the midst of busy seasons, hence the lack of updates since I announced the Lahash trip.  I left home on 14 October and arrived back home on 13 November, making it just about one month that I was on the road.  I met the Lahash team in Kampala, Uganda, leaving Wesley and Fred home alone for the first time!  They met us in Mwanza when we came down from Uganda two weeks ago, and Wesley traveled with me to Shinyanga and Dodoma.

Here are some links to photos and blog posts from the trip:

Lahash 2013 Travel Photo Album 

18th October blog post - We've Arrived (photo of me unpacking some of the many goodies you people sent us!)

22nd October blog post - Answered Prayers (photo of me sitting in a meeting with our partners taking notes)

30th October blog post - An Inside Look (written by me!!)
Video Post of the trip - (funny moments and outtakes that show what life on the road is like!)

Aaaand, just in case you missed it...
We made our big announcement a few weeks ago on Facebook...we're expecting another baby in February!  We had been keeping it a secret for the Lahash team (who were rather disappointingly polite when I saw them, fearing to mention the giant bulge around my midsection, just in case...), but it's all official and out in the open now, both in terms of the news and the bump!

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