08 July 2013

Trip to Kenya

This past weekend we went up to Kenya to see some friends and family.  We stopped to pick up Innocent along the way, since all primary schools in Kenya are closed due to the government primary school teachers being on strike.  When the government teachers go on strike, they make it impossible for private schools to continue teaching by protesting and even having violent demonstrations outside the private schools.  So all the schools close when the government teachers strike, which has happened twice in the past year, and they're actually violating a court order by staying on strike right now, but it's not stopping them, so the students of Kenya are on an unplanned break from school!

Anyway, we stopped in Rongo to pick up Innocent and went up to Mbita, Kenya for the post-wedding celebration for our friends Joe and Daneen Peterson.  Mbita is right on Lake Victoria, and the dinner we went to was held at a place called Suba Environmental Education of Kenya (S.E.E.K.) and we stayed in one of their cabins Friday night.

On Saturday morning we spent some time down at the lake, which the boys loved, then we went on to Fred's village, Sindo, to see his family and friends.  Fred's grandmother had only seen Wesley once since he was born, and that was back in October.  She was amazed at how much he's grown since then!  Innocent had a great time playing with his cousins, and Fred got to catch up with some old friends.

We left Sindo on Sunday morning to come back home to Shirati.  All told, about 450 kilometers round trip (280 miles) in 12 different cars!  It was fast, but we had a good time traveling together as a family and getting to see family!

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