18 March 2013

What I'm Working On

I have a Word document on my desktop called "Current Projects" which is 3+ pages long.  Some are personal, some are for Lahash, and some of them are extra work--helping Fred or other people on projects I'm excited about.  Here's a random sampling of the list, interspersed with some photos of my distractions:

I finally found a pizza recipe that works for me!  I used the
last of my pepperoni stash on this baby.  It was worth it!
 Update Wesley's baby book. (update=start)

We had a delicious dinner and birthday cake with
the Soards, UMC missionaries in nearby Tarime.
Write children's spiritual development outline for Lahash partners.

Finish partnership team letter. (Are you on our mailing list?  Email me your address ASAP to get the big news being revealed in this month's letter!)

Meet the Blakemans in Shinyanga after Easter.

Clean out email inboxes.

Write grant proposals for "Tea Service" (nutritional tea for HIV+ clients of Shirati Hospital), Mwamalili church reconstruction (a village church which was severely damaged in wind), and Shinyanga Training and Outreach Program (SHINTOP - an evangelism and discipleship school).

Innocent showing me how he is a soldier.

Clean up computer for our electrician.  (Random, I know.)

Write Hope is Alive article for May edition.

Fill out Round Two of Rapid Funding Envelope grant for "Combating Gender Based Violence in Mara Region".  (During Round One application, I learned that 58% of women in our region have suffered some form of physical or sexual abuse.)

Write blog post.  (Check!)

We had breakfast at the Nyakyemas' Shirati home.
Photo by Innocent.
Type field work reports for nursing school students.  (I make about $5 per 20 page report, and the nursing school student who works as my go-between makes about $5 each as well.  Works out okay for both of us.)

Continue working on Innocent's formal adoption.  (Could be he's calling me "Mama" instead of "Auntie" by May, if we're lucky!)

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