26 July 2012

Don't be a Bystander

I have so many thoughts swirling around in my head, so many blog posts I've been planning to write, although with a little guy who requires a lot of my time, energy and nutrients, typing anything requires more attention (and fingers) than I usually have available.  At present there is one thing really pressing on my mind.

I recently read the book The Tipping Point by Malcom Gladwell, and it sparked a lot of thoughts, but one concept was particularly intriguing to me: the bystander problem.  As explained in the book, studies have shown that the more people who are aware of a problem, the less likely it is that any one person will act.  For example, in one study, a person staged an epilptic seizure inside a room.  When one person was outside the door and heard the sounds, that person rushed to help 85% of the time, but when the listener thought there were four others also listening, the person responded only 31% of the time.  If someone else is aware of the need, one assumes that person will respond if the need is really great.  I suspect that the internet enhances the bystander problem, since we become aware of so much more need and grief and trauma in the world and the potential audience is virtually infinite, so there are many other people we assume will respond instead.

So, to apply this concept in the life of my family...
I know there are many, many people who read this blog and who really appreciate the work that Fred and I are involved in.  Many of you have been so generous over the years, in your attention, prayers, gifts and finances, and God has used that generosity to bring us through every difficulty.  At the moment we are facing a financial hurdle we need your help to overcome.  We are planning a trip back to the States for visiting and fundraising, but we need help paying for the plane tickets.  We're hoping to visit from the end of September through the end of January

We will be most grateful to anyone who can help us out.  The total we need to raise for two round-trip tickets is $3800.  There are two ways you can give:
               - through Lahash (www.lahash.org/give - tax-deductible), mentioning Leisha Adams
              - by getting a check made out to Leisha Adams to my parents (4800 SW Griffith Dr Ste 104, Beaverton, OR 97005 - not tax-deductible)

Our plans include time in
      Washington, DC  (late Sept and late Jan)
           Fayetteville, NC  (late Sept)
                Philadelphia, PA  (early Oct)
                     Portland, OR   (Oct-Jan)
                          Astoria, OR  (Oct)
                               Seattle, WA  (Nov or Dec)
                                    Spokane, WA  (Nov or Dec)
                                         Whitefish, MT  (Nov or Dec)
                                               and other cities are possible if we get - invites and finances permitting.

If you are reading this, please don't be a bystander.  We'd really like to come back to the States for a rest and for everyone to meet the baby and in order to do some fundraising for causes that we are involved in here.  If you can give some money or are willing to do a fundraiser for us, please do so.  Please don't assume that someone else will take care of it.  We greatly appreciate it!


Lynnette More said...

Dear Sis,

Your dedication to the mission that you were called to is an inspiration to me and I'm sorry for not telling you that before. :)

Johnny and I will pledge $500 towards your trip home.

I love you, Nette

Leisha said...

Wow, thanks Nette and Johnny! Love you!