11 September 2010

In a difficult moment...

Usually my Facebook status is something cheery and upbeat, an update from the program, repeating something that struck me as funny, or informing the world of something odd that happened.  Sometimes, though, something deeper slips out.

A few minutes ago, on my way out the door for lunch, I updated my Facebook status to say "Leisha Adams is weary in body, mind, and spirit."  I don't think I'd even realized how true that is until I had already written it.

Since the end of June I have been traveling or had guests from America here in Dodoma.  The guests have all been great, and most of them were either dear friends or have become close friends during their time here, but the continuous grind of arrangements, assistance, and rearrangements has taken its toll.  In addition, I am far away from my family as they are dealing with several unexpected developments, and a couple of friendships, here and in the States, have had conflict.

I have an Enemy, just as you do.  His desire is to wear me down however possible, drawing me away from the Source of my life and strength.  To that end, on top of the large complications of my personal life, there are innumerable small difficulties arising, like our new neighbors, who literally scream at each other throughout each evening, and the kitchen tap choosing this moment to start leaking a steady stream of water whenever there is water in our neighborhood, regardless of which way we twist the handle.

Nothing that has come my way is insurmountable, but all of these things together is...well, daunting.  Continuing in humility, patience, and grace is taking every ounce of my attention and daily allocation of strength, and, returning from lunch to continue on with my work, I had trouble refocusing on the five hundred word Swahili essay I have to translate today.  I decided to read some friends' blogs while I ate, and my friend (and recent traveler) Will Campbell had posted this photo of me with one of the kids here.

I can't say why exactly, but this photo really ministered to me.  Something in the beauty and peace of the photo refreshed my heart a bit.  I needed that small boost, that reminder of why I am here.

I really covet your prayers right now.  There's plenty of work to do for the rest of this month, and the last of our visitors for the time being are leaving the first bit of October, then I'll probably take some time for vacation and integrate back into the parts of life here that I've put to the side during this busy season.  Please pray for balance and rest, and that the Holy Spirit would be the Source of my "endelea", the Swahili word for continuing on.  I need some of that supernatural continuing on right now.

 Be blessed, family and friends.


michelle theisen said...

Praying for you, dear Leisha! I hope there is a quiet place where you can get away sooner than October for a few hours or a day or two. Our body, mind and spirit tell us when it is time to step away. It does not often line up with what is scheduled.

Until you can really get away for that vacation, I will pray as you have asked for balance and rest with a sense of being centered in the One who is able to do "far more than you could ever imagine or guess or request in your wildest dreams!" The message goes on to say: "He does it not by pushing us around but by working within us, his Spirit deeply and gently within us."

rawster said...

Praying for you.

Sometimes you have to say "no" and take some time for yourself. I'll pray that you can recognize if this is the case. And if not, I'll just pray for rest for your soul. I find that quiet time with God allows my soul to rest and giving things up to him when I have no control also helps. :) I also need to remind myself often that "this too will pass".