29 January 2009

Haven't updated lately, so here's some random-ness

This is a list I just composed for a Facebook thing going around called 25 Random Things. I suppose it will help

1. I HATE maintaining my hair. I've never been big on "product", and recently threw away my hairdryer.

2. I am (probably unhealthily) preoccupied with murder ala CSI, Law & Order, Agatha Christie, and at one point in my life I really, really wanted to be an FBI profiler.

3. I love writing, but have never been a consistent journaler.

4. I never realized that I was funny until after college.

5. My most serious romantic relationship was 20 months long, only 14 weeks of which we spent together.

6. I am a champion spider killer. Just ask Lexie and Teresa.

7. Every triumphant sports moment in my life happened by accident, but made me look awesome.

8. When people ask me what I'm thinking about, and I don't want to say, I say peanut butter.

9. I don't like it when recent acquaintances call me "Leish" instead of Leisha.

10. I'd rather run on a treadmill than outside.

11. I can say thank you in French, Mandarin Chinese, Spanish, Swahili, Juba Arabic, and Kuku.

12. I am such an inherent multi-tasker that I find it difficult to focus on just doing one thing at a time.

13. I've served in children's and young people's ministries working with every age group from birth through college.

14. My family lived in three different houses within a half mile of each other.

15. If there's ever a movie made about my life, I want either Katie Holmes or Evangeline Lilly to play me.

16. When I get depressed or stressed, I believe in making my bed and/or buying a new pair of underpants to cheer me right up.

17. The first boy I remember having a crush on was called Brian Shaw. I liked him until I saw him in his P.E. clothes, and realized he had super hairy legs. That ended it for me.

18. If I got a chance to be on The Amazing Race, I think the best partner for me would be my brother.

19. I have been called on to give relational advice to half a dozen guys in the past eight years, and all those who took my advice are now engaged or married to the girl.

20. I shook Dick Cheney's hand. There was photographic evidence until his black soul destroyed the photographic negatives. (I kid, of course...I just lost the photo somewhere.)

21. I perpetually get called "honey", "darling", or "sweetie" by bank tellers, waiters, and my insurance clients.

22. I can't help adopting the regional accents of people I'm speaking to. It can sound pretentious, but I don't mean it to.

23. I'm not a tidy person, but I can't work in an untidy space, so I have to spend the first few minutes of every work day tidying my desk.

24. When I move to East Africa, I'm taking a Costco sized tub of taco spice.

25. If I could have any superpower, it would be the ability to teleport, like Nightcrawler.

1 comment:

Amy said...

Hey, Leish :)
Me too on #10
#17 made me laugh out loud. Brian Shaw did have hairy legs!
That was a fun read.
- Amy