22 December 2008

Still needing a Christmas gift?

Since we're all snowed in, you may still need a gift for someone in your family. Please consider giving a relational present - like a sponsorship of a child in East Africa.

Currently I have six Sudanese children needing sponsorship at $30 per month, and 20 children in Tanzania in need of sponsorship at $12 per month. These Tanzanian sponsorships are very important because these children cannot begin the school year in February without the tuition money that sponsorship provides.

Speaking personally, I have really appreciated the relationship I've developed with my sponsored children in Tanzania. I have really come to consider them like my brother and sisters, and always look forward to their letters and drawings.

If you are interested in sponsorship this Christmas (or any time after), please email me at ladams@lahash.net for more information about starting the sponsorship. If you'd like to give it as a Christmas gift, just mention that, and I'll email you the child's profile to print.

Merry Christmas, friends.

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